Daniel Pietzsch

Guitar Gear Excitement

So, for Christmas I spoiled myself and bought new electric guitar gear:

I was looking for something more convenient to play through than always having to hook up the guitars to a computer via an audio interface, start the software, and connect to speakers. There was just too much friction involved in that process and I ended playing unplugged or not at all. And with this great sounding, portable, battery-powered amp, I simply need to plug in and turn it on.

And ever since doing the research for those two things, I got properly excited about guitar gear for the first time ever. Especially effects pedals have sparked my curiosity.

I have been playing guitar for a long time, but when it came to gear, I was never really all that interested: I had a two-channel amplifier and one main guitar, and that was it. It worked and it was all I needed.

But currently itโ€™s a very different story: I read and watch a lot, I already have a full wish list of guitar pedals set up on the Music Store site and my favourite new Youtube channels are That Pedal Show, The JHS Show, Rig Rundown and Andertonโ€™s TV.

Iโ€™m already so far into this as to having recently purchased my first two pedals:

Those two will hopefully inspire me to play even more. But Iโ€™m sure they will, as the Katana and the looper already did. New gear = new possibilities = new inspiration.

And now excuse me as I need to get back to my Strat knock-off to try and play some Jack White tunes through that new fuzz pedal.

My strat-like guitar on a sofa, connected per cable to the mini looper pedal and the Boss Katana Mini amplifier.
A sunday afternoon setup on the sofa shortly after christmas 2019.

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