Daniel Pietzsch

Some music I have been listening to recently:

Got into Chelsea Wolfe. Mainly her “Hiss Spun” album. It’s a bit like the heavy, less electronic, even more melancholic version of Portishead. Also reminds me of the acts that would play Twin Peaks’ Roadhouse. Love it!

Carpenter Brut. Pretty unusual for me since it’s very electronic. But great stuff!

This Dan Swanö Song was on some sampler when I was a teenager. I stumbled across this song again, and have now been listening to the whole “Moontower” album quite a bit. In case you don’t know: Dan Swanö plays all the instruments and does the singing, too. A true one-man-band.

Ghost’s “Meliora” album made a return to my rotation. Songwriting par excellence.