Daniel Pietzsch
Portrait of Daniel Pietzsch

Hi. I’m Daniel Pietzsch.

I’m a freelance web developer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. I’m also a passionate film photographer, a husband and father, a musician and metalhead.
Use , to get in touch.


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Here is the signal path and pedalboard settings for how I recorded “Bridge of Sighs”:

  • Strat knock-off, pick-up switch in 4th position.
  • Distortion with low gain.
  • Tremolo in a subtle setting.
  • A bit of delay.
  • Some reverb.
  • A clean amp in Garageband.

The audio in the video is a combination of the Garageband recording and the sound recorded by the iPhone.

Playing Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs” on guitar. It’s a bit improvised, though. Of course, I first got to know this song via the great cover version from Opeth.

And still figuring this video stuff out. This time, it’s filmed with my iPhone’s back camera and shared in 1080p with 60fps.

Update: Settings.

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