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Hi. I’m Daniel Pietzsch.

I’m a freelance web developer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. I’m also a passionate film photographer, a husband and father, a musician and metalhead.
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Articles and Notes.

Petition 113349: Durchführung einer Studie zum "Racial Profiling" bei den Polizeibehörden des Bundes/der Bundesländer vom 06.07.2020

Text der Petition

Mit der Petition wird die Durchführung einer Studie zum “Racial Profiling” bei den Polizeibehörden des Bundes und der Bundesländer gefordert.


Durch die Black Lives Matter Bewegung ist auch in Deutschland erneut die Debatte entfacht, ob Racial Profiling stattfindet. Das Innenministerium hat die ursprünglich angedachte Studie auf Empfehlung des ECRI (Europäische Kommission gegen Rassismus und Intoleranz) abgelehnt. Es wird argumentiert, das Racial Profiling rechtwidrig ist, was aber nicht bedeutet, dass er nicht trotzdem stattfindet. Eine aufschlussreiche Studie ermöglicht eine auf Fakten, nicht Meinungen basierte Grundlage um festzustellen, ob Handlungsbedarf besteht.


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This morning, I had time to play some basketball. So I went to the court to throw a few throws (like I said I would).

I was pleased to notice that my throwing hasn’t gotten completely terrible after years of not playing. I spontaneously recorded 3 minutes of it:

So, no German Corona Warn App for me: my iPhone 6 Plus is stuck on iOS 12. And you need to be able to run iOS 13 (which came out last year) and above to run it. A shame.

I’m probably in the minority of iPhone users on such an old device, though. Still, I wonder how many people have a similar problem (at least Android devices only require Android 6, which is five years old). And how many people won’t even bother installing it.

Furthermore, the seemingly extraordinary high development costs of €20 million - plus an additional €48 million running costs until the end of 2021 - makes me wonder whether the money could have been used more wisely. Time will tell I guess.

Soundtrack for the weekend:

Body Count - Cop Killer (Live at Hellfest 2018)

Sepultura - Anticop (Live)

Here’s a Twitter thread (scroll up and/or down from the linked tweet) of some 300-plus-and-counting videos of police brutality: https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1268391718086422528.

This is only from this past week.

Not any of these assaults is even remotely justified. Absolutely unbelievable – in the worst possible way. And this is just a small subset of the incidents that have been published or have even been recorded. Any single one of these violations on its own is outrageous! And all this is happening during peaceful protests against police brutality.

On the horrifying situation in the US

The current situation in the US is absolutely insane! In a lot of cities and areas police forces are violently attacking protestors and press. And their racist, evil, idiot president only keeps adding fuel to fire, insulting protestors and anyone else not getting in line with him. His recent speech was unbelievable: disrespectful and dangerous.

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2 songs. 1 issue. 25 years apart. 0 changed.

Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the name.

Body Count – No Lives Matter

Black lives fuckin' matter

How can one not sympathise with the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Generally, and especially right now. George Floyd was – unnecessarily, intentionally, almost casually – killed by a white police officer. And he was only the most recent case of many many many others in the past.

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