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Hi. I’m Daniel Pietzsch.

I’m a freelance web developer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. I’m also a passionate film photographer, a husband and father, a musician and metalhead.
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How come Rails’ String#blank? never made it into Ruby itself? So frustrating! And I thought, Ruby was about “programmer happiness”!? Well, guess what, Matz: I’M NOT HAPPY!!!1!!

I don’t know how parents regularly have their child(ren) sleep in their bed. Nine times out of ten we get beaten, kicked and headbutted. Best case, we get woken up multiple times per night. Worst case, we additionally get hurt. Plus, Zoe also wakes up way earlier than usual. The snuggles make up for the abuse a little, though.

Messing around with the website again. Now having pages grouping all blog posts (articles, notes and links) at /blog and all media posts (music, movies and books) at /media.

Makes it easier to scroll through all content at once.

Teaser image for “Neuanfang mit Mitte 40 | WDR Doku”.

Neuanfang mit Mitte 40 | WDR Doku

Noch vor fünf Jahren führten Diana Knigge und Phillip Alexander Schubert, beide Mitte 40, ein Leben im sogenannten Wohlstand: eigenes Café, schickes Auto und...

Ein Paar aus Ratingen lebt und reist seit 5 Jahren im Wohnmobil. Gute Idee, wie ich finde!

Here is the signal path and pedalboard settings for how I recorded “Bridge of Sighs”:

  • Strat knock-off, pick-up switch in 4th position.
  • Distortion with low gain.
  • Tremolo in a subtle setting.
  • A bit of delay.
  • Some reverb.
  • A clean amp in Garageband.

The audio in the video is a combination of the Garageband recording and the sound recorded by the iPhone.

I still wish more people/bands/utilities/companies/restaurants had RSS feeds, so this wouldn’t even be necessary.

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Movie poster for “Them”.


Directed by Little Marvin

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