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On Sunday, June 25th 2023, we were involved in a car crash on the Autobahn. While our camper is beyond repair, we were very lucky and escaped with only minor injuries.


Status May 2023

Since the beginning of April, I’ve been taking a break from freelancing. That means I currently don’t work for anyone else. And it’s been glorious so far! Instead of doing software development all day, I’ve really taken it easy and have done things I enjoy, wanted to do for a while, or simply had to get done – with plenty of time to do so.


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Struck A Nerve – the Death Metal band I joined last year as a bass player – will be playing live for the first time in November. Here are the Infos:


  • Horseman
  • Fadead
  • Struck A Nerve

24. November 2023
Bundesallee 268 - 274
42103 Wuppertal

Start: 20h
Price: €12 VVK, €18 AK

Tickets and Infos

Now, I only need to get my arm fit again…

I have now integrated the photo journal feed directly into the main feed.

This saves me from manually creating a link post each time the photo journal has been updated.

And I updated both feeds. If you now have a whole bunch of unread articles in your feed reader, I’m sorry.

The music section for the most part now features the Bandcamp embed instead of the one from Spotify. I find this to be much better, because you can listen to a whole album, even without account. And I actually prefer Bandcamp and have been using it more and more lately.

Since my previous CMS forestry.io stopped working, and its successor TinaCMS doesn‘t work with my setup, I replaced it with Decap CMS (previously Netflify CMS). I needed to add some CSS overrides, though, so it actually works on a small phone-sized screen – which to my suprise it didn’t out of the box.

Anyhow, I’m pretty pleased with the replacement and this is the first post using my new CMS.

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