Daniel Pietzsch

Boxing Day Bike Ride

Join me in cycling half an hour around the Rhine. I start pretty much at home in Flehe, go through Volmerswerth, over the “Südbrücke” towards Neuss, then south, and over the “Fleher Brücke” back to Düsseldorf. And I even do talk a little.

Santa brought me a GoPro Hero 10 for Christmas, so this was the first ride with it. And since I already liked the outcome, I decided to post this here.

I watched way to many of Terry Barentsen’s cycling videos and wanted to try something like this myself.

And I must say, the GoPro really does a good job stabilising the footage. I have it mounted with a chest mount (without a gimbal). And the sound with the onboard microphones covered by a “windslayer” foam cover is also decent. Certainly good enough for me.

What bothers me a little about this setup is, that the GoPro lens is not centered on the chest mount – and it shows. Need to get an angled mount or so. Also, I’ll probably try using the “Low” setting for the in-camera sharpening – “Medium” still looks too sharp to me. But otherwise I’m really happy with the material from the test run.

(I decided to scale down the video to 1080p and 3.2 GB. But there’s also a 4K version – and is 10 GB in size.)


  • 12.18 km
  • 32:17 Min
  • Average Speed: 22.6 km/h

Go Pro Settings

  • Recording resolution: 4K
  • Frame rate: 24fps
  • Bitrate: High
  • Lens: Wide
  • Hypersmooth: Boost
  • Sharpening: Medium
  • Shutter: Auto
  • EV compensation: -0.5
  • Whitebalance: Auto
  • ISO: 100-1600
  • Colour: natural
  • Wind reduction: Off

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