Daniel Pietzsch

Black lives fuckin' matter

How can one not sympathise with the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Generally, and especially right now. George Floyd was – unnecessarily, intentionally, almost casually – killed by a white police officer. And he was only the most recent case of many many many others in the past.

And I am only aware of a fraction of these incidents. But it still feels like there’s an incident like this in the US at least every 3 months. And that’s only what I read about. And that’s only the deaths. Imagine how many more cases of police brutality there must be that don’t end deadly. But we don’t hear about them. But which doesn’t mean they are less unjust.

And if all of this already makes me angry, how must one feel when you’re directly subjected to this shit every day? And have been for all your live. And your parent’s and grandparent’s lives?

And what if non-violent protests don’t work? Which they rarely – if ever – have in the case of “white people killing black people in the US with no real repercussions for the perpetrators”. Then I don’t know!

Maybe try something else?

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