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Longer thoughts and ramblings.


On Sunday, June 25th 2023, we were involved in a car crash on the Autobahn. While our camper is beyond repair, we were very lucky and escaped with only minor injuries.


Status May 2023

Since the beginning of April, I’ve been taking a break from freelancing. That means I currently don’t work for anyone else. And it’s been glorious so far! Instead of doing software development all day, I’ve really taken it easy and have done things I enjoy, wanted to do for a while, or simply had to get done – with plenty of time to do so.


No AVIF for now

After contemplating about responsive images - especially for my photo journal - I had a look at my current approach and whether it makes sense to add image variants in AVIF format to the mix. And my current answer to this is “no”.


Getting into chess

After watching “The Queen’s Gambit”, I got interested in chess again. I played a little bit when I was a kid, but never much or in any serious fashion. And so, recently, I created an account on Lichess.org.


The Planck keyboard has ruined me

The Planck is the only computer keyboard I use now. I do not want to – nor can I – use a standard keyboard anymore. My MacBook Pro’s keyboard that I’ve used for years? Of no use: the staggered keys, the size (way too big!), the low key travel, the non-customisability. Everything’s alien now.


The longest flat

This month – April of 2022 – I set a new record: our current flat is now the accommodation that I have been living in the longest since moving out of my parent’s house. We’ve been living here for three years now.



In September I spontaneously visited Berlin for 10 days. To see the city – which I don’t really know – and to hang out with Tim and Sophie. And I had to do a bit of remote work, too.


New Macbook Keyboard

Recently, I had my Mac’s keyboard replaced. Because, unsurprisingly, I started having regular double-types, which got increasingly annoying. Luckily, Apple acknowledges the problem and offers a free repair program.


On the horrifying situation in the US

The current situation in the US is absolutely insane! In a lot of cities and areas police forces are violently attacking protestors and press. And their racist, evil, idiot president only keeps adding fuel to fire, insulting protestors and anyone else not getting in line with him. His recent speech was unbelievable: disrespectful and dangerous.


Black lives fuckin' matter

How can one not sympathise with the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Generally, and especially right now. George Floyd was – unnecessarily, intentionally, almost casually – killed by a white police officer. And he was only the most recent case of many many many others in the past.


New camera: the Yashica FR1

Last year, I acquired a few new cameras. One of them was a Yashica FR1 (or FRI, as it’s often written as) with a selection of lenses. It was a random opportunity. And I took it. Here are some first images taken with the 24mm lens I bought with it.


New website

I have a new site! It’s truly indie now. No more reliance on Tumblr. And I’m pretty happy about that! So, danielpietzsch.com is going to be my virtual home for the foreseeable future.


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