Daniel Pietzsch

New website

I have a new site! Itโ€™s truly indie now. No more reliance on Tumblr. And Iโ€™m pretty happy about that! So, danielpietzsch.com is going to be my virtual home for the foreseeable future.

The site is build using Jekyll โ€“ no surprise here. I simply like the main tool to be written in my favourite programming language, Ruby, because that makes things very familiar for me. Plus, Iโ€™ve used Jekyll before anyway.

I decided to host on GitLab Pages, at least for the first while. GitLab can automatically build and deploy this site. Itโ€™s a joy to use and makes publishing very easy and convenient once configured.

As one can see, the whole site is still very bare-bones as I focused on the basics only so far: hosting and deployment workflows, deciding on site- and URL-structure, how to organise posts with Jekyll internally, and writing the basic markup and CSS. I can always extend and improve as I go.

But itโ€™s a working right now and I can start posting again. And โ€“ more importantly โ€“ I feel like posting again. Yay!