Daniel Pietzsch

Updated pedalboard

I bought more pedals. And so I needed a bigger board, to be able to fit them all. Here’s what it looks like now:

A top-down photo of the new two-rowed pedal board, featuring eight pedals and an expression pedal.

The previous board didn’t fit the looper anymore, which prevented me from using it more. So that was a little sub-optimal. And then I watched the JHS show on Behringer and had – had! – to try two new pedals: the DR600 Reverb and the UV300 Vibrato.

And now I certainly needed a bigger board. And this one does (currently) even include my expression pedal.

Here are the pedals in order of signal chain:

  1. Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork (Octave).
  2. Electro Harmonix Cock Fight ((Cocked) Wah, and fuzz).
  3. TC Electronic Dark Matter (Distortion).
  4. Behringer UV300 (Vibrato).
  5. Mooer Trelicopter (Tremolo).
  6. TC Electronic Flashback (Delay).
  7. Behringer DR600 (Reverb).
  8. Fame Looper.

The expression pedal can be used to either control the Pitch Fork or the Cock Fight.

Pretty happy how it turned out. Especially since I somehow managed to create a fairly symmetric layout.

As a bonus, here’s a timelapse of the pedalboard build:

Oh, one more thing: I got rid of the problems I had with the power supply for the Pitch Fork by buying a Joyo ZGP Noise Blocker.

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