Daniel Pietzsch

Pedalboard update

My pedal board has a new layout.

I replaced the Big Muff with my new EHX Cock Fight Pedal. Because the Cock Fight is a fuzz, too, I do not need the Big Muff1.

Ideally, I would’ve liked to switch the positions of the Cock Fight and the Blood Moon Phaser, because the Phaser after the fuzz is way too crazy sounding. But since I need to access the Cock Fight’s jack for the expression pedal, this wasn’t feasible.

And now I think I’m done pedal-shopping. Very happy with the sounds coming from this thing!

  1. A little known fact about the Electro Harmonix Cock Fight pedal is, that you can also use the fuzz circuit without the Wah filters. On the inside, the pedal features a tiny switch, that reconfigures how the pedal works. If you put this internal switch to “Fuzz on”, the fuzz circuit will always be on and the middle position of the three-way fuzz switch on the top will disable the Wah circuit(s) – as opposed to disabling the fuzz and only engaging the Wah-circuits (as is the case in the standard configuration). I currently run mine in “Fuzz on” mode.