Daniel Pietzsch

The new president

I’m so glad that stupid asshole is out of the White House. And I get why people – worldwide, but especially in the US – are excited about this. Super-especially if you were/are at the receiving end of his racism, general hatred and division.

But I am just not.

After all, Biden will just be another US President. While he might already make some welcome decisions, I do not have much hope in general.

Black Lives probably still won’t Matter, they will still let children be killed or seriously injured at school, and people will probably still not get the healthcare they deserve (and regularly die or go bankrupt as a result of this). And internationally, not much is going to change, either: the US will still start and fight wars, torture people, throw over governments, prosecute whistleblowers, and bully most other countries into following their sick agenda.

Yes, not having a stupid evil person as their leader – and as the so called leader of the so called western world – certainly helps that world politics won’t get even crazier. But I just wish the US wouldn’t have that much influence on the world to begin with. I wish I – and everyone else – could just care less about who the new president of the US is.

I would maybe be a bit more optimistic with a president Warren or Sanders. Then again, I was hopeful with Obama, too. And he is probably as intelligent and decent a person as it gets, yet, overall he was still a disappointment. There are other, more deeply ingrained mechanisms at play that transcend presidencies and that more gravely affect the decisions being made and actions being taken by the government (I think this is what’s being called “The Deep State”. But I’m not sure what this exactly means and includes).

And the whole inauguration spectacle just repels me. Just elect your president and move on. Especially this time, where they got lucky not having to endure another round with the orange embarrassment at the helm, and almost had the Capitol run over.