Daniel Pietzsch

On the horrifying situation in the US

The current situation in the US is absolutely insane! In a lot of cities and areas police forces are violently attacking protestors and press. And their racist, evil, idiot president only keeps adding fuel to fire, insulting protestors and anyone else not getting in line with him. His recent speech was unbelievable: disrespectful and dangerous.

To me, it feels like there’s either going to be a revolution or something really terrible is going to happen in front of our eyes. Let’s hope it’s the former. But I fear that for the police brutality to end, it needs internal disobedience. People in power – police officers, officials etc. – need to actively turn against their colleagues and the system as a whole. And that’s tough. Because I’m sure that stupid fool won’t back down by himself.

I feel for all the police officers and other officials that are doing great work and behave the right way. But all the riot gear police are basically domestic terrorists.

I felt for the people in the US before this. Living through a pandemic in a country without universal health care (and probably no good social security system, either) and an ignorant and incompetent president is brutal enough. And now this. It’s completely awful!

I rarely comment on current political issues. But here I feel I have to. It’s horrifying. It’s scary. But to be honest, it’s not an actual political issue. It’s simply about basic human rights. “Political issue” seems to imply there’s something to discuss or consider different points of view. But it’s not. Racism, murder and police assaulting citizens is not worthy of discussion. It’s wrong!

Black Lives Matter!