Daniel Pietzsch

Corona update 3

It’s been a while since I wrote about “the situation”. In summary: we’re mostly at home, but not really quarantining ourselves.

Mask-wearing is now mandatory when going shopping here in Germany.

We still try to keep the number of grocery shopping-trips low, but we go once – sometimes twice – per week. And in addition to that, 2-3 trips to the bakery.

For the most part I feel people are pretty considerate. But every now and then someone comes uncomfortably close. Without being prompted and without warning really. And then I’m a bit startled. Next time I should say something.

Last weekend we had somewhat socially-distant meets with both our mothers (independently), mostly outside. Maybe that was risky. But it was good to meet up!

While at my mother in law, I left my old iPad Mini with her and set it up for video calls. For the first time in her life she now has an internet-enabled device and can video-call her children and grandchildren. So far it’s been working great!

And of course, I went out and “risked” buying that new enlarger. But this was all done pretty socially distant. It certainly was less risky than a visit to the supermarket.

Shit, we recently also went to the garden centre and bought plants and accessories for our balcony.

We should tune down these outings a little bit.

For me, work is a little less at the moment. But this is good. More time to spend with Zoe and give Nicole some breaks.