Daniel Pietzsch

The Planck keyboard has ruined me

The Planck is the only computer keyboard I use now. I do not want to – nor can I – use a standard keyboard anymore. My MacBook Pro’s keyboard that I’ve used for years? Of no use: the staggered keys, the size (way too big!), the low key travel, the non-customisability. Everything’s alien now.

The laptop form factor does not seem that nice to me anymore. For me, laptops always have this inferior keyboard build in. Whenever I’m not working at a desk and having the notebook in clamshell mode, I have been putting the Planck on top of the MBP’s keyboard. Crazy!

So I’ve now been using my iPad a lot more. Because that device has no keyboard by default – which let’s me bring my own.

I have now set up a whole environment and workflow to be able to do web development with it. Previously, I simply used a laptop, with the keyboard that came with it – no matter the setting. Now, this suddenly isn’t good enough any more. What about my preference for a simple and minimal setup? Ruined! RUINED!!! I now always have to bring this additional item. And learn additional operating systems in more detail.

But it’s so much fun!

The Planck has in fact re-ignited my passion for the computer in general. I really do enjoy using one a lot more again – be it a “traditional” one (a Mac in my case) or the iPad.

I’ve been using the mouse/trackpad less, so I can use the keyboard more.

I’m enjoying the terminal. A lot!

The Planck has made me a much better typist (again).

But on a “regular” keyboard, I can’t type any more.

I wasn’t expecting any of this.

The Planck really has ruined me.

My Planck keyboard – rainbow-coloured backlit – connected to an iPad Pro showing the VS Code editor full screen. All on a black table photographed from above.