Daniel Pietzsch

Photo Journal Design Update

In the last week, I updated my photo journal’s design. There are no more borders around the images, the photos are more aligned to a grid and have varying sizes. It’s all more well-aligned and therefor looks cleaner.

Each post still shows most images fairly large, and so one can still simply scroll through and consume images comfortably that way. No clicking or tapping to make them “full size”. But there are some images larger and some smaller now (while still being large enough). And I think this makes for a nice visual break every once in a while and will give the eye different points to focus on.

In case you were looking at the pages on a phone-sized screen, there’s not much difference to the old layout. But the bigger the screen gets, the more different it looks now. Depending on your screen size, there will be two, three or even four and more images shown side by side. I think this is a much better use of wide screens.

I didn’t want to layout my posts this way by hand, though. And so I used the CSS flexbox feature to do it for me. Getting the flexbox parameters just right took quite a bit of trial and error. And then this had to work in conjunction with responsive images, too. But this is a post for another day.

Have a browse through the new design, if you like!

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