Daniel Pietzsch


A page about what's currently going on in my life.



I’m recovering from my arm fracture. I’m out of the hospital, and will now be doing physiotherapy and try not to use my left arm too much (I’m not allowed to move my shoulder joint, nor put any pressure on it). The arm is still hurting, but nothing too bad really. But my sleep is not that great: the little constant pain is annoying, and I can pretty much only lie on my back.


Since August, Zoe has been going to school. And she is really enjoying it. She’s also already doing the way to and from school on her own or with a friend, riding her bike or scooter (it’s only like 600 meters down the street, but still). The adults here are slowly adjusting to this new scheduling: we have to get up much earlier, and we were only relucantly accepting that we should go to bed earlier, too, then. Oh well…

She also made her “Seepferdchen”, which is the first swimming badge here in Germany. So she can swim a little and keep herself afloat without help, as well as dive.


Since our campervan got destroyed, the whole case seems to be nearing an end: we have received a payment from the other side’s insurance company, and there are only two more little sums to work out. And Nicole is fine again, too.

We are still unsure, if we are going to buy a new one.

Work (and play)

Puh, I still haven’t gotten into any sort of regular momentum regarding the bigger project I like to work on. Since school started, I actually made regular progress, but another private trip, and now the injury threw me off again.

And in September I was actually supposed to start a real (part time) job as a photographer for an auction house here in Düsseldorf. I was really looking forward to this, but, yeah, the injury put this on hold. But when my arm has healed, it’s still planned for me to start this job.

I’m also creating a new website, slowly and steadily. And I’ll probably move to another hosting provider for my photo journal; mainly to finally get this on the HTTPS protocol.

And, as is a constant, I am always shooting, developing and scanning film. And I feed my photo journal with those exposures.


I started buying music again (instead of only streaming). My mum got me a record player for my birthday, and I’m buying the occasional LP. And I also bought some digital albums on Bandcamp, or even a few CDs (mostly when that is cheaper than buying the digital-only version).

The Converge gig in Dortmund a few weeks back really blew me away, and I’m slowly making my way through their discography. Also, listening to lots of Mutoid Man. Ben Koller is my new favourite drummer. ;-)

Oh, yeah, and of course there are no band rehearsals for me currently.