Daniel Pietzsch


A page about what's currently going on in my life.



Yep, still recovering from my arm fracture. It’s a really slow process to get the strength and mobility back. But I’m not all that much inhibited anymore in day-to-day activities. I ride my bike again, I can drive a car again and I can lift most things I need to lift (just anything above shoulder height is not possible). I still need (and want) to see the Physiotherapist a couple of times per week (appointments permitting).

Work (and play)

Currently taking time off until the second week of January. Still freelancing most of the week, but also working on my own project. Still using it a lot myself already.

Photography and blogging

Been really lazy the last few months regarding photography. I haven’t taking many images. I haven’t developed any film in a while and those rolls are piling up. And I haven’t scanned most of my film from 2023. But I have scanned all film from 2022 and I’m preparing the final 2022 photo journal entry. Need to do photo work more regularly again.

And with blogging it’s the same: wrote close to nothing in recent weeks. Needs to change, too. Let’s see…