Daniel Pietzsch


Lately, I only seem to write about accidents here. This time I broke my left arm while out on a 3-day hike with a friend in Austria. That was on Thursday August 31st.

I slipped on a slope-y meadow and seem to have fallen so unfortunate that I caught a rather complex fracture in the upper arm bone near the shoulder joint.

It was actually a quite unspectacular fall and it’s quite a feat to come out with a result like this. I’m now writing this from my hospital bed back in Düsseldorf, where I underwent surgery this last Thursday.

The operation went well according to the doctors, but long-time healing is a bit in question; we’ll see. For the short term, I won’t be able to really use my left arm for the coming six weeks (typing works ok, though. :-)). After those six weeks, I should be able to use my arm normally again.

All of this threw off my plans for the coming weeks quite a bit. But I guess that’s life.

But I am determined that the next article I write here won’t be about another accident! ;-)