Daniel Pietzsch

No AVIF for now

After contemplating about responsive images - especially for my photo journal - I had a look at my current approach and whether it makes sense to add image variants in AVIF format to the mix. And my current answer to this is β€œno”.

First up, AVIF images do not support incremental or even progressive rendering, which is not optimal (although the potential file size savings could lessen this issue). Second, I would need to make sure all operating systems I build this site with have AVIF support (and at least one of them currently does not). And third, I would need to update the library I use to generate all those assets (because this would need image-format-converting capabilities). And that’s just too many downsides - at least for now.

Instead, I had a look at the quality setting for the JPEG conversion and see if I can reduce file size further. I tried this with a handful of my images; and indeed, I figured I could reduce the quality setting a little further without discernable difference to the displayed image (specifically, I reduced quality from β€œ85” to β€œ75”). This resulted in a file size reduction of around a third of the previous version, which is quite significant. I’m not going to re-generate all the historic assets (just now), but going forward all those generated images for my photo journal will be smaller in size. And with that improvement, I’m quite pleased!