Daniel Pietzsch


This site can now receive Webmentions. Either directly or via Twitter (with Bridgy’s help).

Webmentions are a standard and open way to send and receive common social-media reactions like “comments”, “likes” or “replies” via and on any site.

For this site here, I’m using Aaron Parecki’s webmention.io service to collect incoming reactions and Aaron Gustafson’s Jekyll plugin to cache and display them on this site. Thank you very much, Aarons!

For now, I’m only displaying new Webmentions whenever this site is re-build. That only happens irregularly and is far from real-time, but it is good enough as a first step. Though I still plan to utilise the plugin’s JS additions to display any Webmentions that queued up after the last rebuilt. Also, I currently only display “likes” and “replies”, simply because I didn’t get around to styling the other types, yet. So: still some things to do.

But for now: can someone please send a Webmention already!?

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