Daniel Pietzsch

All Movies Are Great

A while back I started logging every movie I watch. I write a few lines about each one, summing up my thoughts. I do this to build an archive of the films I watch and to help me better remember each one.

What bothers me a little about this, though, is that it’s sometimes unfair. It’s not meant to be, but it happens. The thing is: these snippets are not objective reviews. They are my highly subjective opinions.

Unlike music for example, where I can “skip” any albums, artists or tracks, I finish a movie when I start one. And so all the ones I didn’t like so much make the list, too (where music wouldn’t). And (unfortunately) that is reflected in my writing.

But the truth is: all movies are great! I have tremendous respect for anyone who manages to create one. I can’t even imagine how much work goes into making a film – even a low budget one.

I will continue to write about the films I didn’t like. After all, I want to collect my thoughts. But it’s important to remember, to not take them too seriously or even personally.