Daniel Pietzsch

Guitar Gear Excitement

So, for Christmas I spoiled myself and bought new electric guitar gear:

I was looking for something more convenient to play through than always having to hook up the guitars to a computer via an audio interface, start the software, and connect to speakers. There was just too much friction involved in that process and I ended playing unplugged or not at all. And with this great sounding, portable, battery-powered amp, I simply need to plug in and turn it on.

And ever since doing the research for those two things, I got properly excited about guitar gear for the first time ever. Especially effects pedals have sparked my curiosity.

I have been playing guitar for a long time, but when it came to gear, I was never really all that interested: I had a two-channel amplifier and one main guitar, and that was it. It worked and it was all I needed.

But currently it’s a very different story: I read and watch a lot, I already have a full wish list of guitar pedals set up on the Music Store site and my favourite new Youtube channels are That Pedal Show, The JHS Show, Rig Rundown and Anderton’s TV.

I’m already so far into this as to having recently purchased my first two pedals:

Those two will hopefully inspire me to play even more. But I’m sure they will, as the Katana and the looper already did. New gear = new possibilities = new inspiration.

And now excuse me as I need to get back to my Strat knock-off to try and play some Jack White tunes through that new fuzz pedal.

My strat-like guitar on a sofa, connected per cable to the mini looper pedal and the Boss Katana Mini amplifier.
A sunday afternoon setup on the sofa shortly after christmas 2019.

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