Daniel Pietzsch

Status March 2022

I haven’t posted for quite a while now. Russia’s attack on Ukraine really affected my mood for the worse and I really didn’t feel like writing, nor felt it appropriate to post trivialities.

My mood still isn’t great, but it has somewhat levelled off. And I’m very fortunate that this is my only concern right now.

I’m angry and worried about and saddened by this whole new situation and the complex issues that came with this, but I currently don’t feel like writing about this. And I also don’t really have much to say about the war, other than that it’s obviously wrong to fuckin’ start one – it always is – and that I’m really sorry for what the Ukrainians have to go through right now.

But honestly I try to not think about all of this too much right now. But I don’t succeed all the time.

Also, I had some sort of cold last week and I still don’t feel 100% again (Corona test was negative). And sleep was a bit hit and miss the last two weeks, too.

On the bright side, weather has been really nice, and it’s been a lot of fun going on little bike rides and spending more time outside with Zoe again.

And I feel like posting here again more regularly.