Daniel Pietzsch

Corona Update

So I’m a little frustrated at the moment with “the situation”. We’ve not been sending Zoe to kindergarten since mid-December (as is advised by the state). A lot being stuck in the same room – no work from the office or a cafe or the like. I don’t get out much. No swimming pool or cafes or other indoor activities with Zoe.

And I’m not even bored. And we’re even sometimes seeing people (mostly parts of the family). It’s just all a little frustrating right now and I’d like a little more variety again.

Luckily Covid-numbers have much improved recently and Kindergartens will officially open again next Monday. And we decided to send Zoe again. We think it’ll be good for her. And for us, too. Because this will at least bring some of that variety back: because I get to ride my bike more often again, bringing her or picking her up. Plus, working in the home office will certainly be much easier. And we will be able to both work at the same times again, getting us some more breathing room for other things.

This might sound all more dramatic than it actually is. Because to be honest, we have it really very good overall. I guess I just wanted to write down my first-world problems tonight.