Daniel Pietzsch

Corona Virus

This feels serious now.

Not very long ago, it didn’t – at least not to me1. But now that the city and government have called for pretty drastic measures to prohibit person-to-person contact as much as possible – cancelling concerts, closing schools, museums, bars, and reducing public transport etc. – I’ve changed my mind.

As far as I read, taking these actions is necessary. You only have to look to areas where the virus was or is getting out of control. The people there certainly wished they reacted earlier.

We definitely hope we didn’t catch and transmit it (we don’t show any symptoms). And we also hope, that the whole situation will remain relatively under control. 🤞😬

Our current plan

Work-wise this hasn’t been too big a change for us so far. We both have been working from home most of the time anyway. However, I stopped commuting to my one client’s office two weeks ago, and went less to cafés, too. (And from this week, almost everyone in the company is working from home, too, anyway.) However, now that Zoe will no longer be looked after at the playgroup three mornings per week, we still might have to adjust a little.

We hope it’ll still be allowed to simply go outside and play with her in non-crowded areas – as playgrounds are going to be closed soon, too (our main playground already is). Because staying inside with a small kid for weeks at a time could become a little challenging.

Grocery-shopping-wise we plan to only go once per week – simply do reduce the number of times we go to the supermarket. Today we did our first such trip.2

We also plan to only meet with friends or family when necessary.

Stay safe everyone!

  1. Mainly because I’m not in the directly threatened risk group I think. That’s not to say I was ignorant of the people that are – close to me or not. But I think I simply underestimated how quickly the infection could and would spread. And how this in turn could bring the health system to its limits; which then would result in many more problems down the line and also in many more – possibly otherwise preventable – deaths. 

  2. And we even got lucky and were able to buy some flour and toilet paper – something that was hard to get during the last two weeks. 

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