Daniel Pietzsch

Fixing video sharing

I’ve only shared two videos on the website so far. But it was still bugging me that GitLab Pages does not support Safari’s requirement of byte-range requests, resulting in videos not being playable on iOS and Safari on macOS. So, I now host the files separately on webspace I’m paying for anyway (and which hosts The Photo Journal, too, for example).

This server supports byte-range requests, so the videos should now work for everyone.

I use the subdomain videos.danielpietzsch.com. This isn’t served via HTTPS (yet), but that’s alright for me. (UPDATE: Using insecure HTTP was then causing Google Chrome to not play the videos. This has been fixed by now serving videos via HTTPS.)

The workflow is now slightly different, as I no longer commit the video to the Git repository. Instead I first upload the video via FTP and then use its new URL. And I actually prefer not having to commit the file, to keep the repo size small, despite the fact that this was done via Git LFS (which might be something I should not worry about, but I don’t know). And this probably means slightly more maintenance and potential for errors in the future, as not everything’s in one place any longer. And I probably need to update and prune my Git history now to remove all references to those two files (although I’m not quite sure if I really need to or can in regards to Git LFS).

Anyhow: both videos work now!

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