Daniel Pietzsch

“Crystal Mountain” Guitar Cover

My cover of Death’s “Crystal Mountain”.

I wanted to try out recording myself – both video and audio – and see how it goes. The playing is far from perfect, but I’m reasonably ok with the take. It was a first take after all, just to try out this sort of thing. I simply hit record on the iPhone, hit record in GarageBand with a basic metal tone, and that’s it.

Editing the video I found that – weirdly enough – I couldn’t get the video and audio in sync 100%. It’s especially noticeable towards the end where the audio is more and more racing ahead of the video. And I’m a bit baffled regarding this, as I recorded simultaneously.

Also, next time I’ll try the camera on the back of the iPhone (8), plus maybe use more light, which hopefully should result in better image quality. Using the back camera, though, I won’t be able to see myself, and it’s a cropped image for image-stabilisation purposes, which I don’t think you can turn off.

Anyhow, this was fun. So, I might record myself more often. Although I rarely learn full songs like this to be honest. We’ll see…

The backing track was done by a YouTube user called “apocalypse7string”. Thanks!

And sorry to all the Safari/iOS users out there: the video does not play in that browser/OS currently, as Safari requires the server to be configured a certain way for videos, and mine is not. I totally blame Apple for this! FIXED!