Daniel Pietzsch


In September I spontaneously visited Berlin for 10 days. To see the city – which I don’t really know – and to hang out with Tim and Sophie. And I had to do a bit of remote work, too.

It was a nice change to be somewhere else and stroll through this fascinating town and to also indulged a bit in its culinary scene. But I really had to get used to being around that many people so often again. It didn’t really feel unsafe (regarding COVID) as numbers were way down, I was vaccinated and a lot of things were happening outdoors. But still it was strange and felt wrong in the beginning.

The craziest thing was, that I met my old friend Shumon by chance, walking down Karl-Marx-Allee.

Of course, I did photograph quite a bit, too. But of course, I don’t really have much to show yet, as most of the film rolls still need to be developed and scanned.

But I did bring a Polaroid camera. So at least I can show a few impressions.

9 Polaroids of Berlin subjects arranged in a 3x3 grid laying on a table.
I should get a different pen for writing on these.

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