Daniel Pietzsch

Hosting on GitLab Pages

This site is currently hosted and deployed using GitLab Pages. I say “currently”, because I’m not sure, yet, if this is feasible in the long term. My main concerns are storage space, server location and configurability (in that order).

But for now I’m very pleased with this setup. Actually in fact, I feel almost naughty for leveraging their automation pipeline for free and have this site built and deployed automatically. And to be honest, the less configurability has rather been a feature than a shortcoming so far, too. Because I currently don’t need to worry about server maintenance and settings at all.

Here’s a random and probably incomplete list of pros I noticed while configuring my GitLab Pages setup:

  • Good documentation
  • HTTP/2
  • Reasonable HTTP cache headers
  • Trivial deployment
  • Auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt certs for serving this site over HTTPS
  • Automatic redirecting of HTTP-requests to HTTPS
  • Ability to use any Jekyll plug-in (unlike just a subset like with GitHub Pages)
  • Free private repository support (also unlike GitHub Pages)

So, can’t complain. Can recommend!