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Ordered some 300+ prints the other day. It’s always something different holding physical photographs in your hand. Even when it’s relatively cheap ones, like these.

I usually use ALDI Fotos and I have been very satisfied with their service so far. The main argument for them is that they can print on matte paper with a white border. And it turned out they can even print my panoramic images with only little cropping.

I should really make more of a routine of ordering prints. The more photos I get out of my computer and into the physical world the better. Gotta feed the archive!

Here’s a current screenshot of my iPhone’s homescreen. It’s been looking like this for quite a while now and so I wanted to log this.

Oh man, I’m so behind on my photos. I’ve developed and scanned everything until and including June. But there are now 25 more rolls to scan and currently 13 rolls still to develop. And I haven’t edited much from this year, either. Makes me a bit nervous about being able to keep up with my photo journal in any timely fashion. But I need and want to! But I will probably end up posting a whole year again, as I did with 2020.

Today, I at least finally ordered myself a 5-reel development tank, which will make film-developing quite a bit quicker and more convenient, compared to using two 2-reel tanks.

Got our first COVID-19 vaccine shot (BioNTech/Pfizer) yesterday. Having a bit of a sore upper arm, but that’s it for side-effects so far.

We’ll get the seconds dose in four weeks, and so should be “fully vaccinated” by September.

During the recent vacation, Zoe took a photo of me with my Instax Wide. And this now is my avatar for the summer.

Normalerweise kein großer Sport-Gucker, aber die Fußball-EM verfolge ich dann doch mal wieder ganz gerne.

New pedals! The compressor is mainly planned for use with the bass. And the Eyemaster gives me the HM-2 Swedish chainsaw sound. Gonna learn some Entombed I guess!

Instagram seems to have definitively locked out people without an account. I couldn’t open a single page for weeks now.

A shame some people only post there. But I’m not going to get an account.

How come Rails’ String#blank? never made it into Ruby itself? So frustrating! And I thought, Ruby was about “programmer happiness”!? Well, guess what, Matz: I’M NOT HAPPY!!!1!!

I don’t know how parents regularly have their child(ren) sleep in their bed. Nine times out of ten we get beaten, kicked and headbutted. Best case, we get woken up multiple times per night. Worst case, we additionally get hurt. Plus, Zoe also wakes up way earlier than usual. The snuggles make up for the abuse a little, though.

Messing around with the website again. Now having pages grouping all blog posts (articles, notes and links) at /blog and all media posts (music, movies and books) at /media.

Makes it easier to scroll through all content at once.

Here is the signal path and pedalboard settings for how I recorded “Bridge of Sighs”:

  • Strat knock-off, pick-up switch in 4th position.
  • Distortion with low gain.
  • Tremolo in a subtle setting.
  • A bit of delay.
  • Some reverb.
  • A clean amp in Garageband.

The audio in the video is a combination of the Garageband recording and the sound recorded by the iPhone.

I still wish more people/bands/utilities/companies/restaurants had RSS feeds, so this wouldn’t even be necessary.

Gestern auf die “Heavy Metal”-Playlist von Amazon Music gestoßen. Als erstes kommt Iron Maiden, dann Metallica, und danach – natürlich – als drittes – ganz klar – gleiche Liga! – …



… Guano Apes! 🤷‍♂️

Das Kind hat woanders übernachtet. Endlich mal wieder in Ruhe Sonntagmorgens im Wohnzimmer Death Metal hören.

We got tested for Corona virus today. The results were negative.

In Germany you can currently get one free test every week. While we thought it’s pretty unlikely we’re infected, we thought it couldn’t hurt taking advantage of this (after all, we do occasionally meet a few people).

We used “Mein Corona Schnelltest”, and the whole process – registration, test, and test result retrieval – was quick and straightforward. Our test centre was set up in a mall where a shop used to be. I thought it’s worth sharing these two photos.

We’ve been making these veggie burgers with beetroot-based patties for a while now. They are delicious.

So I think the search for a great patty has ended.

I removed pagination from a few index pages. Because: who needs pagination when you have compact index pages and all images are lazy loaded? Right: no one! Kinda fixes static page search, too.

Oh FFS! Instagram now requires you to have an account to view anything on their website. You can no longer visit profiles of people or businesses let alone permalink pages.

I hope Instagram will revert this. Or everybody will just stop posting exclusively on that stupid platform (yeah, right!)!

Frustrating nonsense!

I bought my first bass guitar: an Epiphone Thunderbird. Should have done this earlier, because it’s so much fun!

Sitting on the balcony. It’s finally cooling down again at night. Listening to Purple Hill Witch. Drinking a cold beer. Culling photos for the September 2019 entry. It was the holiday month. Struggling a little going through that many images.

Purple Hill Witch - Purple Hill Witch (Full Album 2014)
YouTube video: Purple Hill Witch - Purple Hill Witch (Full Album 2014)

So, no German Corona Warn App for me: my iPhone 6 Plus is stuck on iOS 12. And you need to be able to run iOS 13 (which came out last year) and above to run it. A shame.

I’m probably in the minority of iPhone users on such an old device, though. Still, I wonder how many people have a similar problem (at least Android devices only require Android 6, which is five years old). And how many people won’t even bother installing it.

Furthermore, the seemingly extraordinary high development costs of €20 million - plus an additional €48 million running costs until the end of 2021 - makes me wonder whether the money could have been used more wisely. Time will tell I guess.

Soundtrack for the weekend:

Body Count - Cop Killer (Live at Hellfest 2018)

Body Count - Cop Killer (Live at Hellfest 2018)
YouTube video: Body Count - Cop Killer (Live at Hellfest 2018)

Sepultura - Anticop (Live)

Sepultura - Anticop (Live)
YouTube video: Sepultura - Anticop (Live)

Here’s a Twitter thread (scroll up and/or down from the linked tweet) of some 300-plus-and-counting videos of police brutality: https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1268391718086422528.

This is only from this past week.

Not any of these assaults is even remotely justified. Absolutely unbelievable – in the worst possible way. And this is just a small subset of the incidents that have been published or have even been recorded. Any single one of these violations on its own is outrageous! And all this is happening during peaceful protests against police brutality.

2 songs. 1 issue. 25 years apart. 0 changed.

Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the name.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name (Official Music Video)
YouTube video: Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name (Official Music Video)

Body Count – No Lives Matter

Body Count - No Lives Matter (official video)
YouTube video: Body Count - No Lives Matter (official video)

Just started bulk-loading another 30.5m-spool of APX 400.

I think this film bulk-loaded is the best deal in black and white film photography. One spool is €48 at Nordfoto and gives you 18 roles of film with 36+ exposures each. That’s not even €2.70 per canister. It’s a steal. And it’s a great film.

Yesterday, I spontaneously acquired a new (used) darkroom enlarger that was on offer locally:

It’s a Kaiser VP-6000. And it included everything I need to make prints from 6x6 medium format negatives. So now I can finally start printing the photos I have been making with my Rolleiflex!

The URL for subscribing to a YouTube channel via RSS:


You get the channel_id from the URL of the channel.

As much as I like Jekyll, Liquid is bloody nonsense.

It’s probably just me.

But I find its strange syntax and very limited functionality so frustrating. I always wish I could just use plain Ruby and not have to struggle every time I want to do anything in my view templates.

It turns out, lazy loading does work with responsive images in Firefox 75: for this to work, you currently have to put the loading attribute before srcset in the attribute list of an img tag. This is a bug, and will be fixed in a future release.

So, I changed my markup accordingly – both on this site and the photo journal.

As for Firefox’ implementation itself: I find it currently too lazy. A new image is only downloaded when it’s already inside the viewport. This is going to result in visitors (unnecessarily) having to wait for an image download, especially when the image is larger and/or their internet connection is not the fastest.

Chrome’s implementation on the other hand is more appropriate in my opinion: it starts downloading images marked with loading=lazy well in advance – a few full “screens” before they are actually reached via scrolling.

Anyhow: happy this got implemented in Firefox now, too, despite its implementation needing a bit more refinement in my opinion.

This site now uses lazy-loading for the Youtube video embeds. Meaning, a preview image is loaded, and only when you click that is the actual video embed requested.

After posting a few Youtube videos to this site recently, I noticed this was loading a whole lot of quite large third-party resources. And this was happening without even playing a video – very likely resulting in visitors having to download a non-trivial amount of megabytes of no use. The site was slow to load. My Lighthouse score went way down.

So I fixed it.

To lazy load the videos I wrote a Jekyll plugin for a custom Liquid tag, that will take a Youtube video URL as parameter and spit out an iframe tag that uses its srcdoc attribute to at first only load the video’s preview image and display a “Play” button.

Grmpf. I just noticed my “Fuck you, Instagram!” bookmarklet became useless. Instagram won’t let you click and open an image from a person’s index page. They now immediately prompt you to log in. And while the bookmarklet currently still removes the log in modal, any further attempts on clicking an image are ignored. So, this current version does not work any longer. 😠

At least, one can still right-click and hit “Open Link in New Tab” (in Safari that is). But that’s pretty tedious.

I wish more people simply had a website or blog without this sort of nonsense.

Spent the evening working on this site a little bit:

  • Added article teaser images to index pages.
  • Made the “Read More” links more prominent.
  • Added OpenGraph og:image and og:type meta tags.
  • Adding loading="lazy" to the Youtube iframes.
  • Making the Youtube embeds grayscale on index pages unless you hover over the article.

So, here’s a drumcam video of Danny Carey playing “Pneuma” off the latest Tool album:

Danny Carey – Pneuma by Tool (LIVE IN CONCERT)
YouTube video: Danny Carey – Pneuma by Tool (LIVE IN CONCERT)

Seeing a drummer play songs live always makes you appreciate the skill even more than simply hearing it. Even with someone like him, where by merely listening it’s already immediately obvious that most people – including me – probably wouldn’t even be able to count this song correctly let alone play drums to it and keep a band playing together.

I also think it’s a first, I’ve seen that type of high-quality video of Danny Carey.

And great song by the way. My current favourite from “Fear Inoculum”.

My first ever pedalboard is taking shape.

In addition to the looper, the phaser, and the Little Big Muff fuzz I mentioned before, I now also got an EHX Pitch Fork and an expression pedal.

It’s all attached to the pretty much smallest pre-build board I could find: a Fame Spaceboard 50S.

And I think I now want to buy a single dedicated power supply, which can power all those pedals. Because it’s currently a little annoying having to power the pedals all individually.

Anyhow: happy progress!

Last week I discovered Royal Blood and was blown away! Just check out this festival gig:

Royal Blood Live at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2017
YouTube video: Royal Blood Live at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2017

They’re only a duo – a drummer and a bassist (!) – but produce an impressive (and innovative) sound. Have not seen anything quite like it. It’s like The White Stripes meet Muse and it’s brilliant!

I was actually thinking that I might have seen enough Opeth gigs by now. But no! Last night in Cologne was the best one I’ve been to (yet)! Great setlist, great light show, and – as always – great musicianship. Very happy we went.

It’s the time of year where I generally push my films to ISO 1600. And that means I now need to slightly readjust my brain again for guessing exposure.

And in April it’s all back to ISO 400 again.

More posts in my previous blog. Or you can browse the photo journal.