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Short content, quickly posted.

Listening to this over and over and over again…

Jack White: Over and Over and Over

Last week I discovered Royal Blood and was blown away! Just check out this festival gig:

They’re only a duo – a drummer and a bassist (!) – but produce an impressive (and innovative) sound. Have not seens anything quite like it. It’s like The White Stripes meet Muse and it’s brilliant!

I just learned about the CSS scroll-behavior property and immediately applied it to a site. Super simple JS-independent smooth scrolling. :-)

Ok, enough with the meta-posts. Here’s some actual content for a change. It’s on the other site, though: Photos from March of this year are up in the photo journal.

Added syntax highlighting now, too. Since Jekyll generates the necessary markup out of the box, it was simply a matter of choosing an additional stylesheet, including it, and making a few more adjustments.

I was actually thinking that I might have seen enough Opeth gigs by now. But no! Last night in Cologne was the best one I’ve been to (yet)! Great setlist, great light show, and – as always – great musicianship. Very happy we went.

It’s the time of year where I generally push my films to ISO 1600. And that means I now need to slightly readjust my brain again for guessing exposure.

And in April it’s all back to ISO 400 again.

There’s a new entry up in “The Photo Journal”: February 2019.

Went to see Machine Head yesterday. It was the “Burn my Eyes” 25th anniversary tour and so they played that album in its entirety, in the almost original lineup: Logan Mader on guitar, Chris Kontos on drums, and of course Robb Flynn. Would have loved to see Adam Duce, too, but I guess one can’t have everything. Anyhow: I had a great time, even joining a few circle pits.

Here’s the full show on Youtube.