Daniel Pietzsch

Look Back

Here’s my take on the melody and solo part of Spiritual Beggars’ Look Back. I love that melody.

But I’m actually not a very good lead player, so the solo part is a bit so-so. And it’s only loosely based on the original anyway. But hey, I’m doing these mostly for fun, and to be able to look it up later again. So that’s my excuse for being lazy.

I used the Pitch Fork pedal to shift down my guitar by one octave to simulate the bass track underneath. And I used my looper pedal to record this and play it back as the backing track.

The lead uses the EHX Cock Fight plus expression pedal for the Wah, distortion, a bit of delay and reverb.

Oh, and this is played in standard tuning while playing all the notes like on the recording. It’s very likely they had their instruments tuned to C standard.


Top-down view of my pedalboard with the settings for the solo part dialed in.