Daniel Pietzsch

“Buried by the Dead” guitar cover

Covering Bloodbath’s “Buried by the Dead” on guitar, having a bit of fun with my “Eyemaster” pedal. This album has definitely one of the most gnarly Swedish guitar tones out there.

Signal chain is:

  • guitar
  • Eyemaster pedal
  • Apogee Jam Audio interface
  • GarageBand
  • Fender amp simulation with a bit of overdrive
  • output to my Marshall Stanmore speaker – together with the original track from Spotify
  • recorded into my Apple earphones’ microphone hanging directly in front of the speaker, recorded straight to the video filmed with the iPhone.

In case this video is not fair use, and you’re the/a copyright holder and object to this video, please let me know, and I’ll just take it down.