Daniel Pietzsch

Booster Run

  1. Intro talk (00:00)
  2. Just riding (00:30)
  3. Merowinger Straße/Ramble about "Environmental Lane" (2:53)
  4. Bilker Arkaden junction (04:10)
  5. Friedrichstraße, just riding along (04:40)
  6. Narrow spot at construction site (06:18)
  7. Arrival (07:10)
  8. Starting the way back (07:34)
  9. Elisabethstraße, just riding along (08:04)
  10. Junction Herzogstraße (08:34)
  11. Elisabethstraße, just riding along (08:47)
  12. Bilker Arkaden junction (10:08)
  13. Aachener Straße, just riding along (10:53)
  14. Aachener Straße, narrow bit (12:56)
  15. Fleher Straße (13:56)
  16. Last roundabout (15:32)

Riding through Düsseldorf Bilk to and from the doctor where I got my Covid booster. Since it was during daylight hours, I thought I’d record another one of these POV cycling videos. And this time I did my little commentary in English. And it’s only half as long with 16 minutes.

For this recording “Sharpening” was set to “Low” on the GoPro. And I think that is too low. I think I’ll prefer a little “too sharp” over “not sharp enough and then needing to do that in post”. I also only uploaded a HD 1080p version this time. And I might just record in that resolution in camera. 4K results in such big files. And I’m again figuring out encoding settings and formats. And that seems like a science to me; maybe I should just use YouTube.