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I Am That Thirst Analysis

A great analysis of my favourite song from the latest Meshuggah album. Love how he uses his fingers to illustrate it all!

I rarely dissect Meshuggah songs like this. But it’s good to sometimes have other people doing that for you.


Some old and some never seen clips of Cooper riding a fixed gear in NYC. I hope you enjoy. Looking to shoot some more in this style. Who should I film? Beco...

This video was recommended to me tonight. Good choice! Thanks, algorithm! This is some extremely skilful cycling – and filming! Plus it’s in black and white and the dude is carrying an analogue Leica.

I looked him up, too, and of course there’s more of this. Oh my. Another rabbit hole.

IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf - Nov 11, 2021 - Düsseldorf

IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2021 is a gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

Oh, there’s an #indiewebcamp in Düsseldorf next Wednesday, and I won’t be able to attend. :-(

An experiment in helping users and web publishers create deeper connections on Chrome

Today, people have many ways to keep up with their favorite websites, including subscribing to mailing lists, notifications and RSS. It’s a ...

Chrome will try out letting users subscribe to RSS feed right in the browser.

This is a welcome experiment, after all main browsers removed RSS-related features in recent years. I wish they came back. It’d be great if RSS feeds were surfaced via a consistent UI and the ability to easily subscribe to feeds without the need for additional software (at least to get started).

I don’t have high hopes, though.

KEKS LENS kodak lens 30mm f/10

KEKS LENS kodak lens 30mm f/10 keks lens is a lens recycle from disposable camera and transform it to a body cap lens. it could be one of the best weapon for street photography. The Fixed aperture and focus free makes sure you can capture the moments you want. (Available in LEICA M, L39, FUJIFILM X, SONY E MOUNT) www.instagram.com/keks_lens/

Interesting lens. Only 30 USD. Here’s a review. Tempted to just order one.

zless linux command man page

file perusal filter for crt viewing of compressed text

Command discovery of the day: zless – for directly viewing zipped text files. Now I can stop manually gunziping and lessing server log files like an idiot.

Neuanfang mit Mitte 40 | WDR Doku

Noch vor fünf Jahren führten Diana Knigge und Phillip Alexander Schubert, beide Mitte 40, ein Leben im sogenannten Wohlstand: eigenes Café, schickes Auto und...

Ein Paar aus Ratingen lebt und reist seit 5 Jahren im Wohnmobil. Gute Idee, wie ich finde!

More family photos

Ihr möchtet ungern als Familie "posen", wollt jedoch gerne die Zeit festhalten? Hier eine kleine Familienreportage (Remscheid und Umgebung).

In October, Sina came over and shot a whole bunch of photos of us. So, feel free to stalk us over on her blog.

More posts in my previous blog. Or you can browse the photo journal.