Daniel Pietzsch

Off Grid Life

by Foster Huntington

Book cover of “Off Grid Life” by Foster Huntington

This is a beautifully made book with great photos and inspiring approaches on how and where to live.

Unfortunately, though, I found this too superficial. Maybe that’s fair enough, since it’s actually more of a photo book than a “book” book. But I was hoping a little more for stories about what it’s like and what it really means to live off grid in these housings. So, in this regard it was a little disappointing.

But this reminds me to check Foster’s blog again, which I remember to be more insightful1.

  1. … but which I haven’t followed in recent years, because the RSS feed was and still is broken. And which – sadly – is (by far) not an isolated case for RSS feeds. I’m sorry for this brief appendix rant about the state of RSS…