Daniel Pietzsch

Asteroid City

Directed by Wes Anderson

πŸ‘ Recommended!

Movie poster for β€œAsteroid City”.

Well, Mr. Anderson! This is another fine film you made here. And luckily for me, the pace is not as high as his previous effort, which makes this much easier to follow. It's still a raid on your eyes and ears, though. But in a good way. But I always feel, one has to watch his film multiple times to have a chance to fully appreciate them.

Once more, the set, costumes, characters, dialogues, his signature camera work are all top-notch again. It's really neat.

Liked how the photo camera of the main character had audible long exposure times where it made sense. And there's a million other things to like. But that makes it also a bit exhausting. I'd still watch it again!