Daniel Pietzsch


Directed by Christopher Nolan

👍 Recommended!

Movie poster for “Interstellar”.

A rewatch. And totally worth it. I like the whole menacing atmosphere – both on earth and in space. The story is great, too, altough I’m still not quite so sure whether I understood everything.

With almost three hours in length, this is a movie I did not find too long. On the contrary: it could be even longer to explain things in more detail. I think the plot would have made a great TV series.

And I’m also not quite sure what the movie is supposed to tell the viewer. But my current short interpretation goes like this:

  • Love is a strong – or even the strongest – force in the universe. Maybe…
  • What does it matter to save humanity when you yourself are not with your loved ones.
  • Humans will even (almost) fuck-up a realistic chance of settling on another planet because of stupid selfish reason.

I could totally see myself watching this a third time.

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