Daniel Pietzsch

Jason X

Directed by James Isaac

Movie poster for “Jason X”.
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Wow, we made it through this whole series. And it didn’t end on a high note. This was trash. And I could enjoy some of it. For example, I liked that Jason was this brutal force that just kills. Or the cliché nudity. Or the sometimes quirky charming dialogue. And the scene where he beats the one girl in the sleeping bag with another is just hilarious. But oh man, this was long, the set design was terrible (reminded me of American Gladiators in a lot of scenes), and the characters and the plot: puh. And don’t get me started on wardrobe or props. It was cheesy, too. Anyhow, it is what it is. And this over-the-top rendition is a fitting finale for this series IMO. And it’s good, it’s over now. May Jason rest in peace.