Daniel Pietzsch


Directed by Panos Cosmatos

👍 Recommended!

Movie poster for “Mandy”.
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This film is an audio-visual delicacy. If you’re into Metal, you are not only my friend, but I’m sure, you too will enjoy this – if purely on the visual level. But it’s hard to not dig the soundtrack, either. I would guess this is great on drugs. Or unbearably terrifying.

A lot of scenes are reminiscent of David Lynch’s style. The story however is not: it is very straight forward, which I found surprising given all the wild trippy visuals.

The acting is overall great, and I indeed enjoyed Nic Cage’s performance a lot. The action and fight scenes are great, too. It’s funny, but also serious. However, there’s no focus on the latter, I’d say.

It’s certainly a unique experience. And one I could experience again!

(Oh my god, the Cheddar Gobblin!!!)