Daniel Pietzsch


Directed by Darren Aronofsky

👍 Recommended!

Movie poster for “mother!”.

“What a nightmare!” was my comment while watching this movies. And I meant that from the mother’s perspective, which is the one you get to see as the viewer.

This film made me really uncomfortable. And I applaud it for this! And feeling uncomfortable is appropriate and makes perfect sense, too! But that sense had to explained to me, to be honest. Despite the confusing plot (at first), I was all on board with the movie. Until this over-the-top ending – then I really wasn’t sure what to make of this movie. But Bernd gave me a hint regarding the metaphors afterwards, and then – as already mentioned – it all made perfect sense. And I loved it! And I will probably watch this again some time!

Reminded me of Haneke’s “Funny Games” at times. So yeah, if you’re in for some light and feel-good entertainment, this is not the movie for you!