Daniel Pietzsch

The Babadook

Directed by Jennifer Kent

Movie poster for “The Babadook”.

Overall I can recommend this movie. It’s well made and interestingly filmed. It revolves around the topic of coping – or not coping – with the loss of a loved one (especially on the birthday of the first child) and all the psychological and emotional challenges and dangers this can bring along with it.

Unfortunately the plot lost me a bit in the second half: I found the wording of the mother’s outbursts not always convincing (maybe because they had too many plain swear words in them?). And the end reminded me too much of “Home Alone”, which I found unfitting to the otherwise serious theme (this was probably unintended by the director/writer, though).

It’s a bit of a shame, because apart from that, I found the film is well executed with quite a few interesting details (I found that book great for example). And “the boy” is just adorable – and pitiable (and very well played by the actor).

And again I noticed how I can more relate to a parent-child relationship in movies since I became a parent myself.