Daniel Pietzsch

The Matrix Reloaded

Directed by Lilly Wachowski

Movie poster for “The Matrix Reloaded”.
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Ok, I have much to complain about with this one. This feels like 80% endless action scenes and 20% story. If you’re into those bullet-time, kung-fu, wire-flying, super-CGI, camera-flying scenes, that will be just your thing, I guess. But I found this eye-rollingly boring. This could have been a one-hour film. It’s not like I dislike all of it; there were certainly good scenes – even partly said action scenes! But overall it’s way too long and unsubstantial. It’s even like the story didn’t progress at all in this.

At least Trinity could simply ssh into a computer and disable the emergency power supply of that building with a simple terminal command. Much more realistic than those UIs in their real world.

And it had RATM in the ending credits.